ParcelDocs, the ultimate property database search tool!

ParcelDocs is the ultimate property ownership database.

ParcelDocs is a centralized online resource for property ownership data and records.

Currently, the search to identify the owner of properties, or the properties your subject owns, in areas that you are not familiar with is much too tedious and time consuming.

With no nationwide or even statewide policy in place about who maintains records, how they are accessible and even if they are online, finding access to records simply to verify if someone owns a given address can take 20 minutes or more per property.

No matter the industry you are in, time is money.

As a collector, your time is better spent on the phone. As an investigator, your time is better spent in the field. As an attorney, your time is better spent preparing for your case.

With this centralized database, which covers more than 99% of the US and has more than 5 billion documents imaged, not only can you find out who owns properties, you can access related documents immediately to bolster your case.

Documents include deeds, transfer documents, financial documents, liens and more.